Start gaining Traction in your business today!

Start gaining Traction in your business today!

Accounting & Tax Services

Tax and Reporting Solutions Tailored to Your Success

Accounting may not be at the top of anyone’s list of favourite things to do, but it is a necessary part of running a successful business. ​

We understand that a good accountant can be more than just a provider of annual financial information to keep the government agencies off your back – they can identify opportunities to save tax, offer suggestions to structure your operations better, or even make the most of various incentives.

We help you to ensure you are optimised throughout your business’ journey to extract more profits from your business, all whilst keeping your personal assets protected.

Our expert team is here to help you succeed, and we hope to make the experience enjoyable for you along the way.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious about dealing with the Australian Taxation Office? Do you need help staying compliant and keeping your financial records in order, to keep banks and investors content? As specialists in small business tax and accounting, we can assist you with maintaining the necessary records and reports and ensure that you meet your compliance obligations. Our goal is to give you peace of mind when it comes to tax compliance, record keeping, and financial reporting.

Your business structure can determine how much tax you will pay each year, how protected your personal assets are should things not go as planned, whether you can sell your business in the future and pay little to no tax... and so on. We ensure you are setup correctly in the first place, or where you are joining Traction part-way through your journey, we will review and restructure your business as required.

By planning ahead and staying informed about tax obligations, you and your business can avoid unexpected surprises and feel secure in the knowledge that your tax affairs are in order and optimised for tax efficiency throughout the year. It is often the minor tweaks that make all the difference between triggering a significant tax bill, which is why we believe it is crucial for business owners to meet with their advisor before the end of each financial year. Tax legislation changes constantly, tax incentives are introduced sporadically, so ensure your business is ready to make the most of any new initiatives. 

Much like a building inspector reviews a property before purchase, we put business acquisitions through the tests, to avoid costly mistakes. We know what good business results look like, undertaking high-level DD's to ensure you're making a good business decision in progressing with a deal. Likewise, we help prepare our clients set up to maximise any opportunities from a future sale of their business asset.

Every business journey is different and often throughout the journey you are faced with business decisions that trigger tax implications. Our team of experts are here to provide insight and guidance no matter the complexity. Want to reward your key employees by issuing them shares without triggering a tax liability? Planning on exploring property development on the side and not sure what the tax impact will be? Want to a raise capital in your business but haven't been through the process before? Need assistance with your annual R&D claim? We've got you covered!

Annual TPAR reports, General Purpose Financial Reports, government assistance programs, interim reports and cash flow statements for banks and insurances, builders' registration reports, self-managed superannuation fund administration, you name it, we can likely assist..


Base Accounting & Tax Packages

We offer tailored fixed fees for our Accounting & Tax services, giving you certainty and value for your investment. Below is an overview of our base Accounting & Tax packages we offer for ongoing core business support, custom packages or additional one-off services can of course be arranged
to meet the needs of your business.


Looking for someone to handle your compliance needs? We’ll ensure you don’t need to stress about compliance obligations and your needs are well looked after.


Experiencing growth and looking to continue your success? Compliance is covered, so we partner with you and provide expert support and guidance to harness your success and growth.


Wanting to level up? We provide regular business performance insight and monitoring, together with expert support and guidance to take your business to the next level and drive success towards your business goals.

Additional services can be added and bundled according to your ongoing requirements.

 Contact us for more information. Pricing for the above is dependent on multiple factors, such as your industry and structure, cleanliness and accuracy of your books, personal circumstances, etc.

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