Start gaining Traction in your business today!

Start gaining Traction in your business today!

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Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated when carrying out core business tasks because it is taking too long, the process is inefficient and “clunky”, preventing you from just getting the underlying job done? Or dreading carrying out an administration task because it is way too tedious, or quite simply is a little bit boring?

This is not uncommon, almost all business owners and key team members would experience this at some point in time. But it’s not all bad… because this is where our digital transformation experts step in and relieve those pesky headaches and frustrations!

Our team of experts are very passionate (and not ashamed to admit it!) about the latest in technology tools and apps, constantly researching, testing and integrating to bring you the most effective business solutions. We evaluate each app or program for ease of use, time-saving potential, integration capabilities and overall impact on your business. If it meets all of these criteria, we assist with the implementation project, ready to take your business to the next level.

Join us in embracing the power of the cloud and elevate your business today.

Change can be scary, even as digital transformation experts we are not immune and completely understand how confronting even a small change can be. This is why every digital transformation project starts with a review of the current systems and solutions already in place within the business. Not every transformation project requires a complete overhaul of a key system (or multiple systems), we often find businesses are already using the ideal solution but in a not-so-optimum way. We review current systems, solutions and processes; communicate with key team members and identify improvements within current systems or areas for new/additional solutions.
For businesses providing professional services, revenue is often based on the amount of time spent working on specific clients, customers, projects or tasks. It is also common for the revenue of a professional services business to be a pre-determined or fixed amount based on an estimate of time rather than actual time. Therefore, it is important for the success of the business to have a solution in place that tracks time spent on clients or tasks, etc. to be able to determine revenue and profitability. These solutions would then ideally include invoicing and reporting functionalities, with a direct integration with to an accounting system.
Managing your finances and books is key to your business’ success – you need to know how the business is performing financially. This means the accounting system utilised within your business is one of the most important systems to implement effectively. We work with implementing a variety of accounting systems, with the main solutions being Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks. Our transformation team assist both new businesses implementing an accounting system for the first team and also established businesses looking to review and change their current accounting system. Our team works with the bigger picture and future in mind, it is important for all business systems and solutions to integrate with each other as much as possible, maximising access to live data and reducing any double handling. Being accountants, we of course consider this particularly important for a business’ accounting system.
Whether in building and construction, web design and development, or even providing interior design services, effective project management tools will not only assist with the delivering of the project but also in evaluating the success of the project. Ensuring the right project management tools are in place will provide valuable insight in to key performance indicators such as budgeted costs vs actual costs, timeframe expectations vs actual turnaround and completion times or any project variations that need to be addressed. Valuable insight which supports the growth and development of future projects and overall business performance.
Most accounting systems have an inbuilt payroll feature included within. More often than not this is a simple feature with limited capabilities. HR and payroll are both areas with many moving parts and complexities, so ‘simple’ and ‘limited’ just won’t cut it. Implementation of a HR and payroll solution that aligns with the industry in which you operate and supports the fair work award/s that apply to your business will provide significant efficiencies, confidence in the accuracy of your employer obligations and more detailed insight and reporting of your business’ employment costs.
From simple solutions such as Dext or Hubdoc to reduce the level of manual data entry, through to solutions to allow for multi-level approvals, scheduling and rostering tools for shift workers, digital credit cards for business spend management, direct point of sale integrations, to scheduling jobs for trades and receiving payment on the spot (no weekend invoicing, days or weeks later!). If something is giving you a headache, it is very likely there is a tech solution out there to relieve the pain.


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