Start gaining Traction in your business today!

Start gaining Traction in your business today!

CFO & Business Advisory

Guiding Businesses
to Thrive and Succeed

All large, successful corporates have access to their own CFO, finance team and advisory board, but why should that be reserved for only the big end of town?

Traction’s vCFO (virtual Chief Financial Officer) service provides access to highly-skilled CFO advice and guidance for ambitious small businesses, on an on-demand basis for much less than the cost of a full-time CFO employee.

Your vCFO can assist with high-level decisions within your business through suggesting, implementing, measuring and monitoring growth and profit strategies that have worked for other growing businesses, just like yours.

With experience across multiple industries, around Australia and internationally, benchmark your business and ensure consistent oversight on your progress by bringing in an expert to provide helpful tips on how to reach your business goals.

Meeting regularly with your advisor will help you make informed decisions about your business' financial future. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your financial data to assist with the development of a comprehensive financial blueprint for achieving your goals. We will work closely with you to understand your business and your specific needs, and we will tailor our approach to suit your unique situation with some of our typical outcomes revolving around budgeting and forecasting, cost management, revenue growth strategies, developing financial models and projections.
Ever heard the saying 'Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king'? Whilst a common saying, way too often cash flow issues go unnoticed until it's too late. Using forecasting and projections, factoring in expected inflows and outflows, we can work with you in improving the overall cash flow within your business. We can even work alongside finance brokers to implement cash facilities to help your business through the cash peaks and troughs of running a business.

You may have heard the terms EBITDA, Contribution Margins, Asset Turnover, Gross Margin and Profit Margin, debtor lock-up etc, but what do they mean, why do they matter within your business and how can you use them to determine the health of your business? Or even benchmark against others? By focusing on these key metrics, a business can gain valuable insights into its performance and identify areas for improvement. Your vCFO can help your business set and analyse various financial metrics, all whilst providing recommendations for optimisation. We can even help in monitoring the potential value of your business.

Advisory boards focus on business strategy and risk, acting as a sounding board to business owners and shareholders. Ordinarily reserved only for well-established businesses, Traction instead provides these services to high-growth businesses in the small and medium space. If you are ready for serious growth and accountability within your business, ask about our tailored Board services.
Whether you have your own bookkeeper, undertake invoicing and debtor follow-up yourself, or may even have an internal accounts team within your business, regular meetings with your vCFO will ensure the all-important finance function of your business is optimised and humming along as it should. Spot problems before they arise, using cutting edge technology and insight from our team.
Want to ensure your business is 'investor-ready', or perhaps you're looking to buy a business and require a financial diagnostic to ensure you're not buying a lemon, wanting to expand your servicing offering and bring on a new division but need financial insight and planning before launching, you name it, we can likely assist...


Base CFO & Business Advisory Packages

We offer tailored fixed fees for all of our services, giving you certainty and value for your investment.
Below is an overview of our base CFO & Business Advisory packages we offer to propel your business forward, tailored and specialised services (such as Non-Executive Director/Co-Sec services) can of course be arranged to meet the needs of your business.


Tired of doing it all on your own? We’ll provide expert guidance and advice to support you on your journey.


Striving for growth? We’ll partner with you to harness your success, with support and guidance in powering towards your business goals.


Looking for it all and have complex needs? We’ll act as your outsourced CFO and trusted advisor, partnering with you and your business along every step of the way.

Additional services can be added and bundled according to your ongoing requirements.

 Contact us for more information. Pricing for the above is dependent on multiple factors, such as your industry and structure, cleanliness and accuracy of your books, personal circumstances, etc.

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